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The Beginning

I bought my first bamboo gaff in 2001 and after 9 years of hard use, it was worn out and time for a replacement. I looked at the walls of the bamboo and realized it was cheap thin walled bamboo, the kind you do not want to use for a gaff.

Fast forward to 2011, when I made my first Calcutta bamboo gaff, the proper kind  that west coast sportfishing boats have been using for over a 100 years, and continue to use them to this day.  I made  a 6 foot gaff for myself and one for a friend  as a boat gift. This is when people started to see my gaffs and requesting them for themselves. This became a hobby for me, just like rod wrapping, making quality custom products that are handmade to last.  

The benefit of Calcutta Bamboo as a gaff, also known as "Iron cane", is it's strength and light weight, and it's ability to flex and bend like a fishing rod, absorbing the thrash of a hot fish. It truly makes the perfect gaff. Not to mention, it floats too!

Today, I have made countless Morita Gaffs in all sizes and colors, as well as dip nets, bait nets, brailers, crowder nets, even Go Pro poles, and walking sticks. Recreational and commercial fishermen are using Morita Bamboo Gaffs.  Many captains on Wicked Tuna, top San Diego 4 pack charter operations like Pinnacle and Seasons Sportfishing, charter operations out of Venice, Louisiana, numerous boats in Florida, and throughout the east coats are trusting Morita Gaffs as thier go to gaff. 


The Morita Stainless Steel Hooks


All hooks are made out of a knife grade stainless steel, which means it can be heat treated to prevent bending and creat strength.  In addition, this type of stainless is rust resistant too.  Traditionally, most gaffs come with a hardened steel, which is extremely strong, but will rust.  The alternative, is a 316 stainless hook, which is a soft metal that will not rust, but can bend on a larger fish. 

The Morita Stainless Steel Hook has the best of both hooks, as it will not bend and rust like other steel hooks.


All of the Morita Gaff hooks are designed and bent by Daryl Morita.     

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