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Frequently Ask Questions

Ordering a Gaff or Net

There are two ways to place an order. 

  1. Go to the Products page and select "Gaffs" to build your gaff.

  2. Contact Morita Custom Gaffs via email ( or telephone call/text (714 394-7002) to place your order.   Use this method if you have specific request and customization cord wrap colors, decal design, custom thread wraps, bamboo requirements, and hook size.     


What Morita Custom Gaffs needs to know from you:

  • Length of gaff and net handle length

  • Cord color or colors (Maybe a color pattern you designed)

  • Hook size (2.5, 2.75, 3, 3,5, or 4 inch)

  • Custom thread wrap (Tiger, fade, dragon, or classy trim wrap)

  • Boat name (Matching boat name, a persons name, a custom design) 

    • I will need a picture of the boat name, and/or the font style/name, and/or the ai or png, jpeg, etc file

  • Split grip or single long grip

  • Custom thread wrap design

  • Boat name decal




Payment and Shipping


Payments can be made through PayPal, credit/debit card, or check.  There is an 8% sales tax.  


Shipping will be through Fed Ex for domestic shipping to the 48 states.   Shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, and international will use the least expensive shipping provider.  


Please note that any item over 9 feet will require freight shipping, which is expensive.  





Calcutta Bamboo


Calcutta bamboo is a special type of bamboo that is stronger and lighter than other types.  If you were to compare Calcutta bamboo with other types, the walls are a lot thicker on Calcutta.  This makes the perfect gaff handle material.  Please note that every piece of Calcutta bamboo is hand selected, where only the best pieces that are the straightest and with the right flex are used.  Since it is a natural material, I cannot guarantee a perfectly straight piece of Calcutta bamboo, although I only use the straightest pieces I can find.   



Returns & Refunds

All returns and refunds must be made within two weeks of purchase and all products must be unused or in the original condition it was in when purchased.    


I warranty all craftsmanship and components of my products and guarantee 100% refund or free repair of my any products as a result manufacture error.  


I will not refund or warranty a product that was not used correctly, such as using the bamboo to strike a fish or object, jack-poling a gaffed fish instead of gaffing and lifting a fish hand over hand with the gaff in the north/south position into the boat.  Leaving the bamboo out in the sun will also damage it and is not under warranty.  

Calcutta bamboo is a natural product, and while it is strong, it still can break.  Additionally, boat rash and natural wear and tear will occur to your gaff/net.  



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